Your Inspired Action Reaps Successful Results

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a salesman. This salesman was interested in making currency he spends on his planet. In order to get currency, he had to sell objects. In order to sell objects, he had to convince others in his community they needed his objects.

In order to convince them, he had to take action. Here’s what he did to get results.


The first thing you need to do is find what you aspire to achieve. The basic question is . . . what do YOU want? In the past years one of my favorite expressions has been, “God intended me to live near the ocean, and here I sit landlocked in OH!”

Over the years I’ve put my needs, desires and wants below everyone else’s. Like most women and mothers, I first considered what my ex-husband wanted, what my children would love to do or what my own parents wanted.

I’ve made progress. In the past several months I’ve discovered that I can have one or two things I’d like to have, while still meeting the needs of my family. This has prompted me to set a goal of moving to Florida in the next year. That’s my aspiration in my personal life. It’s what I want and can achieve without upsetting the apple cart . . . too much.

It is important that you find the thing you want to accomplish. Before you can take action, move forward or achieve a goal, you have to know where you’re going and what you’re aiming at.

Ready, Fire, Aim is a best-selling book by Michael Masterson that essentially warns you against striving for perfection before taking action. However, before movement you must at least have a direction. Even the act of searching for what you desire is movement in the right direction.



June30HopeOnce you know where you’re going, it’s time to make a commitment to achieve your goal. Commitment takes work. No matter how you slice it, success requires work.

You may love what you’re doing so much that you don’t consider it work. But expending energy on anything is the very definition of work.

Although you may be tempted to purchase the Staples Easy button for your desk, pressing it over and over again will achieve nothing. In order to get where you want to go, you must expend energy in the right direction.

Which brings us to the next step . . .



You need a target on which to focus your commitment and energy.  Your target is not your aspiration. These are two different things.

The salesman aspired to sell more objects. From this he developed several targets. He needed to learn better sales skills, define his target audience and develop a strong marketing plan. Each of these are his targets.

Once you define the targets needed to achieve your goal, it’s time to stay FOCUSED.

Focus on the target is one of the common places people fail. It might be that you succumb to Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). This happens when another target appears and your focus your energy on that. Soon another one pops up, and you’ve left 2 or 3 other targets to chase after something you may perceive as “easy.”

This happens a LOT in marketing. You think you’ll use social media and start a new marketing plan. A week later a new video software shows up on the market and you decide you can incorporate video marketing with social media marketing.

It’s when something new shows up on your radar and you convince yourself you can somehow make it work with what you’re already doing . . . or worse, you go off in a whole new direction.

These things happen in business, with your siblings, with your boss, parents and spouse.

Basically, it’s time you focus your attention on the targets that move you forward toward . . .



While focusing on and moving toward your target is important, it is important you evaluate the results you’re getting June30Chocolateand change course if needed.

Improving your products, services, marketing plans, personal development, nutritional plan, marriage counselor, or anything else that might be your target is your first order of business once you start getting results from your actions.

In other words, once you’ve identified your target and begun moving toward it, if you aren’t getting the results you thought were reasonable, then it’s time to change the WAY you’re taking action.

Not all action is created equally. If you are distracted by the next shiny object, then the action you’re taking is definitely NOT inspired action.

Determine strategies you can use to stay focused on your target while taking time at defined intervals to evaluate the results you’re getting.



Ask most psychologists and wealthy individuals – the piece of the puzzle that garners you the best results is making an offer to others they can’t refuse.

And in many cases, that offer means serving them in way that HELPS them first.

People respond best when you do something for them first. In other words, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. And, once you catch the fly, you can convince him of almost anything.

Even when that fly is YOU.

Remember, when you’re taking action toward becoming a better you, it’s easier to do and achieve the results you want, when you use honey to push yourself forward and not vinegar.

For instance, when you want to lose weight you’ll be more successful by framing your goal as a desire to become healthier, look great at the beach, be able to keep up with your children or another positive goal, than you will if you set a number in your head.  You won’t be motivated by a number on a scale, but you will be by a goal to keep up with your children more easily.



Persistence must then become your normal behavior. You achieve your goals through action, but the action must be consistent and persistent toward your goals. This then becomes your normal behavior.

In order for your goals and dreams to become reality, your behavior must change.  If your behavior and action don’t change then you can’t expect to experience different results from the past. You do the same things, you get the same results.


ACTION Always Predicts Results

Every action produces an equal reaction. There is a consequence for everything you say and do. Whether talking to your children, eating an extra cupcake, or not taking golf lessons before the company golf outing. Everything you do or say will have a consequence.

The trick is to act in a way that produces the consequences or results you’re looking for. In order to do that you’ll be following a plan much like the one outlined above. You might use different words to achieve successful results, but the ideas will be the same.

Before setting out on your next personal quest, spend some time doing your homework and preparing for success. Find your aspired results, make a commitment, aim at your target, plan for improvement, make an offer that thinks of the other person first and make consistency your norm.


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