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How Fitness Works Magic From the Inside Out

by: Patty Gale

Am I doing a good job raising my kids?  Does this outfit look OK?  Do I look pretty today?  These questions are just a few you’ve probably asked yourself from time to time.  I know I have.  When you’re a single mom, and there’s not another adult around to encourage you or share these thoughts with, it can take a real toll on your self-confidence.


Add to that, other areas of our lives that have a direct impact on our self-esteem, such as:


Your childhood was one of the main contributing influences to your self-esteem as an adult. As you were growing up and your personality and everything else were developing, everyone around you had the potential to influence the person you became.

For example, if you grew up in particularly chaotic home environment, you can tend to carry that burden with you throughout your life.  I did for a very long time.  My parents were divorced when I was 11 and my pre-teen and teen years were pretty crazy.


The pressures of society are a main contributor of low self-confidence. There are so many demands  to live a certain way, dress a certain way, have a certain kind of job and act accordingly.  Society is obsessed with body image and these pressures can weigh on you, especially as a single mom.


You spend so much of your life at work, it’s no wonder that this environment would influence every aspect of your life, including your self-confidence. A stressful and overly demanding job can often contribute to a low self-esteem, while a productive and encouraging workplace can help you grow stronger.

Here’s Where Fitness Works ‘Magic’

Your overall health is one of the biggest contributors to your self-confidence. Taking care of your body, mind and spirit can strengthen all aspects of yourself including your self-esteem.

This is where a regular fitness program can do absolute wonders!  I like to say this is how fitness works ‘magic’ from the inside out.  While there is no ‘magic pill’ or program to help you get fit, when you exercise and eat well consistently, you will be amazed and how different you’ll feel over time.

You’ll Feel Better

When you feel better physically, you’ll also feel better all around, which helps create a more positive attitude.  For example, just thirty minutes of aerobic activity is enough to release endorphins that increase your feeling of well-being and lower cortisol, which is a hormone associated with stress and anxiety.

You’ll Feel Accomplished

Setting goals and accomplishing those goals is a huge confidence booster!  If you’re just starting out, the key is to set small, realistic goals and increase the challenges as time goes on.  And don’t forget to celebrate the small successes along the way!

Your Clothes Will Fit Better

If there’s one feeling that’s a great confidence booster it’s when your jeans start to feel baggy or you try on a smaller size in the dressing room.  You’re standing there in the mirror saying to yourself, ‘Alright!  I feel and look really good wearing this outfit.’

You’ll Be Motivated to Keep Going

Once you start to see and feel the small successes, usually after about 8 weeks, you’ll be even more motivated to keep going for the long term.  Fitness is part of an overall lifestyle, not a quick-fix and the example you’ll be setting for your children is priceless.

Every part of your life has influence, and therefore has power over your self confidence. But, the person with the most control over your self confidence is you. Practice giving yourself good messages and start a healthy lifestyle plan that includes great nutrition and regular workouts.