It’s Time to Say YES!

Last week you discovered if you say “No” to somethings you’ll enjoy greater love and joy in your life. However, life isn’t all about learning what to turn away FROM but also what to turn TOWARD.

In other words, what should you say YES to in order to experience greater joy? Your children will see what you don’t do – and they will mimic what you DO. Here are several things I’m going to say YES to more often this year.

Say yes to:

Discovering more about how to support your health

I might be just a little enthusiastic about my health. We have one body, one life and what we do with it will be our legacy after we’re gone. I think too many times we put our heads down to power through the day without thinking clearly about each little decision made. The pastry at 10am in the breakroom, extra dessert coffee at lunch, candy bar at 3pm and on to a grab and go dinner while driving your children to their events.

Suddenly, any idea of good nutrition has flown out the window.

Think about what you eat each day as if it were compound interest in your life. One donut won’t make a dent in your cardiovascular health, one donut three times a week will. But, the same is true in the other direction. Eating vegetables, getting plenty of fiber and significantly reducing your fructose intake each day will also improve your health over the years. One day of eating well won’t make much of a dent, days each week will.

Exercise every day

Exercise also pay compound interest and in multiple areas of your life – and often without much effort. For instance, walking 30 minutes each day (15 minutes after lunch and another after dinner) may be enough if you spend several hours a day on your feet and not in a chair behind your desk.

Exercise doesn’t mean you are training for the Olympics, just that you’re moving and active through the day. I was out walking with my new dog yesterday and stopped to talk with one of my neighbors. She’s about 55. She told me that she took on painting her home, from ceilings to baseboards. After a day of painting a room she thought she’d be sore. But she wasn’t. She slept great that night and felt the best she had in a while the next day.

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. Think about walking with the kids. Get up out of your work chair every 15 minutes and stretch. Look for an exercise partner. Do whatever you have to do to get exercise every day so you can keep up with your children and you’re ready to enjoy the unexpected – like a surprise canoe trip, hiking with friends, biking with your children, or whatever else happens your way.

Positive, energetic friends who have achieved goals you want

We are what we hang around. In other words, you become like the friends you have. They don’t become like you. So, find friends who have achieved the goals you want to achieve so they can show you the path and encourage you on your journey.

I want to publish a new book this year. My plan is to find a group of authors in my area and join.

Activities that build your self-respect and self-esteem

I have a problem. Chocolate.

Chocolate is what I eat when I don’t feel good about myself or situation. Unfortunately, my comfort food makes me feel even worse about life. There is no comfort in overeating or eating foods with fructose or refined sugar. This is a lesson I have a LOT of trouble learning. I’m hoping I learn it this year.

Find the activities that build your self-respect and self-esteem. Volunteer work, patience, expressing your emotions, learning a new skill, helping others and expressing gratitude are just some of the ways you can boost your self-respect and self-esteem.

Strategies that move you toward your goals

OH MY GOSH! This is the one. This is what I have to concentrate on this year. This past year I have not done what I know would move me toward my goals and at the end of the year I’m paying the price.

I have a book that was written and 95 percent complete in MAY. It’s November and I’ve done nothing else to finish the project. Not only have I not finished the project but I also have not met my financial goals this year BECAUSE I didn’t finish the project.

I let life get in the way instead of getting in front.

This year I’m taking control and by year’s end I’ll be reaping the rewards.

Building a life you can be proud of

Not everything we do makes us proud of our actions. And, as a human it’s impossible to achieve that goal. But like all things, every small decision you make has long-term consequences. This means the MAJORITY of the decisions you make should work toward building a life that you can be proud of as you share those achievements and events with your children.


It has been a difficult, educational and unique year that builds on the work of past years. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t made the decisions I had during the year. This coming year I’m going to make some tweaks to those decisions and hope to follow through so I can experience the rewards that come with greater, more positive and forward moving, action.

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