Divorce Organizer and Planner

This fill-in-the-blank divorce planner will walk you step-by-step through organizing and planning your divorce.

Whether this decision something you wanted or it was forced upon you, if you don’t plan to walk away with a fair settlement, then you are planning to fail.

Inside this workbook you’ll find:

1. Explanations of the 5 different types of divorce . . .which one will work for you and your spouse and which ones you should avoid like the plague.

2. What net worth is, why it’s important and how to determine yours. Easy fill-in-the-blank worksheets that will tell your attorney exactly what must be addressed in the divorce equitable distribution.

3. Your settlement options with business assets and liabilities. How to split the business and how NOT to; the mistakes that you can make now that will make your life miserable later.

4. How to take care of the needs of your children, today and in 2 years. Children grow and so do their needs. You’ll fill out easy forms that your attorney will use to help define your negotiable expenses.

5. How to determine the right amount of spousal support and your divorce financial planning.

6. The most common areas of your life that should be addressed in the process and are often left out! You’ll kick yourself around the block in just 2 years if you leave these out.

7. Bonus strategies that will help you prepare for the process and get exactly what you want. Using behavioral techniques that experts employ in group dynamics and conflict resolution, you will be able to influence the process with your spouse and their attorney so you walk away as satisfied as you can be.

This time is incredibly challenging and an emotional roller-coaster. Even if you and your spouse do not finalize a divorce but reconcile, going through this process will actually help your future financial planning.

It can be easy to bury your head in the sand and ignore the very real needs for tomorrow – but if you do not address them you could very well end up living on someone’s couch.

It does NOT have to be that way!

Instead, you can go through the process with the confidence and knowledge that you are doing all that you can to protect your future. You may be in so much pain now that you just CAN’T focus on your future . . . but those days are coming and you can be a conqueror by just following some simple steps and working with your attorney.