Simply Single Moms


“What lies behind us and what lies before us,
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Simply Single Moms where our mission is to inspire mothers to a successful, strong and balanced life. Every week our readers receive essays from experts in their field with valuable and practical information you can use TODAY.

We have all arrived here following different paths in life. But the simple fact is, for this season in our lives we ARE here. It is not the path that brought us here that defines who we are, but rather the steps we take today and tomorrow that determine who we will become.

Your days are focused on your children, finances, relationships, home, family, friends, health, fitness, weight management, cooking, nutrition, volunteer work, productivity, time management and more. Our magazine does the same, because we recognize the issues that affect single mothers everyday. On our About page you’ll read more about Gail who developed Simply Single Moms in response to her own journey as a single mother of four children.

In this daily journey, we often care for others more than ourselves. In the midst of tutoring children, bringing work home and cooking meals, we forget that we are individuals who have dreams and desires of our own. Read the Single Mother’s Bill of Rights to be reminded of the power we hold to care for ourselves.

On the Meet Our Experts page you’ll discover more about our contributors and authors. Many of them have experiences similar to yours. We write about our future, the challenges we have faced, and the solutions we’ve found that have helped to develop success, strength and balance in our lives. Using these strategies you can also experience the same type of success.

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