Where do You Find Inspiration?

Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

What’s more important? . . .  inspiration . . . or energy to get through the day?

Finding Inspiration Can Drive Energy and Action

Born with a rare genetic disorder which often claims the life of the sufferer, this young man has changed the lives of everyone who meets him or hears him speak.

Tetra-amelia is a rare genetic disorder in which a child is born without any arms or legs. Often times there are also other disfigurements of the pelvic area or face.

Nick is Serbian and was born in Australia. His mother had 3 ultrasounds before the birth but they were still surprised in the delivery room by deformities which were not detected in the tests.

His early days were very difficult. He was a teenage boy, going through all the normal teenage boy distress, with one significant difference. He wasn’t a normal teenage boy.

Nick’s parents supported his journey and were blessed with a young man who refused to let his physical limitations create borders in his life. In his early years, his parents decided not to send him to a school for children with special needs. He has said it was a very difficult time, but it may have been the best decision they could have made for him.

All was not easy for young Nick. At the age of eight he told his mother he wanted to kill himself and at ten he tried to drown himself in the bathtub. At 13 he read a story about a man who was disabled, but achieved great things and helped others. It was at this point he realized that God had made him to give hope to others. He was so inspired that he dedicated his life to inspiring courage in others.

He says, “If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!”

He graduated from college at 21 with a Bachelor of Commerce and a double major in accounting and financial planning. But his real passion is speaking to others about the challenges he has faced.

To date Nick has accomplished more than most of us will in a lifetime. He’s a motivational speaker having traveled to over 24 countries to filled auditoriums, author, husband, father, musician and actor. He fishes, paints and swims. He’s been surfing with Bethany Hamilton, competitive surfer, whose arm was bitten off by a shark when she was a teen and who was back on a surf board three weeks later.

This is the astonishing life of Nick Vujicic (pronounced VOO-yee-cheech).

Nick’s start in life is not where he is ending. His opportunities were not limitless, but he has lived outside of the boundaries that society may have set for him.

He is willing to live out his inspiration for a life that is full of joy, health, creativity and helping others.

What About Me?

Nick’s story IS inspirational, but it isn’t the story that most of us live from day to day. In his life Nick was forced to see the world through different eyes because others saw him differently.

However, it’s the human condition to want to be just like everyone else. Our teens struggle to join groups to be just like others. Our children want to dress like people in their groups. We all shop for clothes and accessories that are pretty, but still conform to what the rest of the country is wearing.

If we look and act like the crowd, then inspiration and inspired action must come from how we see ourselves and not a reflection of how others see us.

When my now 18 year old son was just a toddler we were visiting my sister’s home. Sitting around the dinner table, in response to something his Uncle had said, my Nick announced to whoever was listening that, “It’s all about me!” with an accompanying grand gesture . . . arms up and thumbs pointed at his heart.

It’s normal for youngsters to believe that the world revolves around them. And, in some respects that gives them an advantage in finding inspiration to change their world. Granted that inspired action can come in the form of temper tantrums, but it’s the only way they know how to get things done!

Inspiration Drives Inspired Action and Success

It’s the importance of inspiration to your ultimate success in life that is critical to your actions.

Here’s an equation that drives each of us:

You thoughts develop your feelings which drive your actions and determine your results.

But you don’t want just any action, you want inspired action. And inspired action ultimately comes from inspired thought.

That inspired thought drives your success – whether it’s success in finances, relationships, health and wellness or any other way that you define success in your life.


How do you generate the inspiration to drive inspired action?

From stories, movies, other people’s lives . . . from dreams, music and from your Creator.

The factor that makes the most difference between people who find success and those who don’t is that they keep those inspired thoughts front and center. When they falter they have systems to fall back on to fuel the fire.

Movies like Rudy, We are Marshall and McFarland, USA can inspire us to reach higher and try harder. Speakers, authors, music, and friends can speak inspiration into our lives, driving us farther than we thought possible.

Do you know what’s so great about using inspiration?

You can generate it at any time and it is NOT grounded in the past. In other words, what happened yesterday doesn’t predict your tomorrow. You can change your expected outcome by recognizing and acting on the idea that the future has not yet been written.

You have the chance to change what you expect through inspired action.

And, also remember . . .

Your Future is Firmly In Front of You!

That sounds like it’s a bit obvious . . . but, unfortunately, for many of us, that fact is not a fact at all. In fact, it’s a fallacy.

Too many times we live our lives in the past. We live out what could have been or may have been, if we had made different decisions or walked a different path.

Have you ever seen the sit-com “Frasier”?  It’s about a loveable psychiatrist who moves to Seattle after the break-up of his marriage in Boston.

Frasier hosts a daily radio call-in show. During the series he is represented by several different agents, the most aggressive of which is Bebe. During this particular episode Frasier has been with another agent for a season but is entertaining the idea of re-signing with Bebe. She has manipulated the situation to make Frasier believe that she is now representing Dr. Phil, famous talk show host, but would be willing to stay in Seattle to work with Frasier.

By the end of the episode she has slithered her way back into Frasier’s professional life. They meet at their favorite coffee house where she informs Frasier that his contract in the neighboring market was abysmal and she canceled it. After which she tells him with great enthusiasm that his future is “firmly in front of him!”

Ros, Frasier’s producer, is shocked by the news that they lost a contract and asks Frasier if this isn’t a step backward.

“Did you hear that Ros? This is wonderful news! Our future is firmly in front of us!”

“Isn’t our future always in front of us?” she asked, incredulous at the loss of income.

“Yes,” Frasier says. “But now it is FIRMLY in front of us!” as he runs out the coffee house door.

Your future is in front of you and always firmly in front of you. Your future isn’t in the past. You have control of tomorrow . . . and tomorrow is your future. Take control of every tomorrow by taking inspired action. Do NOT let the past control you – the past is in the past. Your future is firmly in front of you!