Submission Guidelines


Our Mission

Simply Single Moms is a magazine dedicated to inspiring success, strength and balance in the lives of single women raising the next generation.  Through our panelists and experts our pages are filled with advice, real-life experiences and information that women can use today to improve their lives, find inspiration and balance their busy schedules.

General Focus

Simply Single Moms is published twice weekly. Our content is educational and teaches our readers without being promotional. No external links are placed within our magazine articles. Each author has a bio below their article in the magazine and has an image and biography on the website.  We strive to address timely issues that impact the lives of single mothers.


How to Submit

Simply Single Moms has a specific policy outlined below which must be adhered to for publication in the magazine.  Our magazine offers actionable and useful information our moms will find inspiring and supportive.

  1. Content should be between 900 and 1300 words.
  1. Use subheads and/or bullet points to separate the content and improve the readability of the content.
  1. Content should be written at a 6th or 7th grade level. Test your content before submission within Microsoft Word or at
  1. Write to one person at a time. Stay away from language that sounds like you’re lecturing.
  1. Be conversational but not informal.
  1. Your essay must include:
  • A moving story that might be unique, useful, urgent or ultra-specific to your essay
  • Include specific proof that the idea you’re presenting will benefit our readers
  • An action that the reader can take at the end of the article.
  • A first paragraph that grabs the reader with a story or specific point. You might offer a secret, a story, a promise, invitation, problem and solution or a prediction.
  1. Your biography in one or two short paragraphs. Use third person and don’t include any promotional material. You can list your website where readers can learn more but not linked to a specific product you’re selling.
  1. Please submit a photograph for the magazine which will also be used on the website. The image should be at least 250 pixels wide and be a close up of you without other people in the picture.
  1. Contact me through the Contact Us page with your email address and “Submit Essay” in the subject line. Do NOT include the essay in your first contact. I will contact you at your email address with an email you can use to send your essay, bio and picture.


Thank you!