Mothers and Daughters: Heath, Fitness and Body Image

In my interview with Patty Gale from Chocolate Chip Fitness, she shared some amazing insights into how we interact and react with our children and ourselves, the things that influence our behaviors and some functional things we can do to make a real difference in our lives and the lives of our children.

Listen to the audio below and take a quick peak at the points we covered:

  • Health, wellness and how it pertains to our daughters and about the body image that we and our daughters struggle with.
  • The impact of the media and Patty’s unique perspective on why the media doesn’t have to be as influential as it might be.
  • The unrealistic images you and your children are exposed to and how phones are integral to this issue.
  • 91% of woman are unhappy with their body shape but only 5% naturally have the body type portrayed in the media as ideal.
  • What does it mean to have a healthy body?
  • How is your body like a car?
  • The differences between being fit and being healthy, what that means for your future and how you can incorporate changes into your family that impact your children.
  • What can we positively do to impact the lives of our daughters?
  • Some of the functional ways we can communicate a more positive body image to our daughters.
  • How forgiveness integrates into how we think about ourselves.
  • How we can identify when our body image is not healthy and what we can do to get help.

Today, please listen to the interview with Patty Gale from Chocolate Chip Fitness.
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  1. Patty, I need to thank you for being such a great guest! Looking forward to getting the video finished – will let you know when 🙂

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