Facing the New Year Fearless

Starbucks becomes my home away from home during basketball season. It’s a good thing I can work anywhere there’s an Internet connection or I wouldn’t be able to take my daughter to practices and games.

Some people call it the “internet lifestyle,” but realistically it’s been available since typewriters became portable . . . although laptops and wireless access to the Internet does make it significantly easier.

However, while more challenging, working at home has given me opportunities. I do differentiate between working FROM home and working AT home. To me, working from home has meant taking meetings outside the house, racing against traffic to pick up products or delivering services in the geographical area.

I prefer to work AT home, where I don’t leave the house unless I choose to. I like the flexibility it has given me, the ability to do things with my children and even the late nights doing exactly what I love.

I like being able to say, “I do what I love and I love what I do.” It has been a gift from God to be able to develop my business and company in these past years – and I hope to grow it even further this next year.

But, the truth be told, I’ve only performed the ACTION needed to make these gains in the past two years. Before that I was floundering – never sure each month how I would make it all come together. As persistent as I was in my belief it COULD be done, I was just as inactive in my ability to MAKE it happen.

Life ends up teach us lessons, not always the way we want them, or the lessons we think we need to learn. I was no different.

While I had the ability and knowledge, I also carried around enough fear to ensure it wouldn’t happen. I would never be successful as long as I believed the little voices in my head.

And then, two years ago, I came to an amazing conclusion that I knew in my HEAD but had never fully embraced in my HEART. I was no different than the successful writers and marketers I saw all around me.

I had the same knowledge base, or knew where to get the knowledge.
I had the same desire.
I had the same abilities.
I could make contacts.

In other words, I had the foundation, but I continued to lie down and take what life dished out each month without getting up and fighting back.  I had been crushed a number of different times by life, but it wasn’t a reason to give up.

This all hit home the other day when I was at a basketball game with my youngest daughter. She was sitting with her team, getting ready to warm up during halftime of the game before hers. Her coach was sitting in the bleachers with his family.

In the past weeks I had the impression I had irritated the coach in some way. Two years ago I would have ridden out the season, thought about it each time I saw him, and never did anything about it. Not now.

I asked to speak with him privately, asked if I had done something to bother him and said I just wanted to be sure the air was clear between us.

I didn’t get my head bitten off. I didn’t fall over and die. He didn’t start a rant. We worked it out.

I’ve found the more things in my life I address fearless, the better the results and the happier I am.

Becoming fearless about social and business situations has been a journey I took with Jesus and I’ve been blessed all along the way. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I am a much better person today than I was 2 years ago – and more successful by worldly standards.

As we face this coming New Year there are some important facts to remember that may help you to achieve more of your own success, improve your relationships and enjoy more of your everyday life.

It Just Takes Two

  1. Whatever doesn’t kill you really WILL make you stronger.

I’ve been struggling over the past six years to put a significant loss in my life behind me. Finally, this year I’ve realized that while I may have thought the pain would kill me, it didn’t. But, it has made me stronger and better able to help others facing the same situation.

The pain doesn’t go away, you just learn to move through it.

  1. Unless it really will kill you – in REAL life, not your imagination – you have nothing to fear.

Your boss may fire you, the car may not start, you might not get the promotion, the kids may drive you over the wall, you may have to work with the electric company to keep the lights on, you might have to barter to pay your bills . . . but unless you are dying or there is a gun held to your head, whatever challenge you are facing, will not kill you.

I was a nurse for over 20 years. As a nurse I had performed just about all manner of procedures on patients. I had decided the ONE procedure I NEVER wanted to have done to me was a nasogastric tube – or a tube that is passed through the nose and into the stomach. I had placed them many times. They are painful for the patient and patients sometimes throw up during the procedure.

I hate vomiting. Hence, I didn’t ever want a nasogastric (NG) tube.

That is, until I had abdominal surgery that was botched badly and my stomach fluid wasn’t going into my intestines, but instead coming up every hour.  By the time I got to the emergency room I was begging for an NG tube.

And, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d anticipated.

Most of the time the fear is worse than the thing.

That’s it – two strategies, two recommendations, two ideas – that will help you to face the New Year fearless.

BUT only as long as you not only read and understand, but also internalize the idea and truly believe that no matter what happens with Jesus  . . .

YOU are strong enough
You ARE strong enough
You are STRONG enough
You are strong ENOUGH

And . . . no one can stop you!


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