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Dr. Gregory I. Simpson, born in Glasgow Scotland, grew up in Kingston Jamaica, spent over 25 years as a research scientist and educator, completing doctoral and post-doctoral training in Organic Chemistry from the University of the West Indies and in genomic physiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts. Currently pursuing ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church, Dr. Simpson is entering his 3rd year at Union Theological Seminary, is the incoming co-chair of the student senate and co-founder of the Theology, Science and Religion Caucus. Dr. Simpson has a deep passion for unearthing the theological underpinnings that are at the heart of the religion versus science divide and is a staunch advocate for a renewed understanding of the social justice issues that surround climate change and environmental degradation.

Jan RoystonPic


Jan Royston is a busy entrepreneur who keeps her plate full with a variety of different activities. She’s engaging, fun, interesting and always ready and willing to help a fellow writer. As she describes herself, “Since things didn’t really work out for me to be an Olympic swimmer or diver (yes, I had those dreams at the age of 12), I had to get a real job when I grew up. Today I work at the local University, I’m a Texas Hold’em dealer two nights a week and a couple of times a week I’m a pro-golfer (ok, not really pro – not even close but I did get a hole-in-one once!)”

Currently Jan has started taking classes toward her Master’s degree and the rest of her time is taken up with writing for herself and her clients. Jan is the author of four books in the “Money Saving Madness” series available on Amazon. She has been published in her local paper, featured on The Krazy Coupon Lady, maintains two blogs
(Jan Royston and Save Money with Jan) and started a service for self-published authors called The Ebook Gal.

Jan lives in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee with her husband. She and her best friend explore the big cities and aren’t afraid to get lost in the subways of New York, where she’s pictured above.

You can feel free to email her with questions at, where she’s respond and do what she can to help, or become great friends!

Patty Gale


Patty Gale is the founder of ChocolateChip Fitness and believes life should be fun, work should be meaningful and make a difference. Knowing that women have the biggest influence in the lives of girls, she is absolutely passionate about inspiring moms and daughters to create strong minds, bodies and souls with healthy and fun fitness solutions.

She’s a native New Yorker living in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, was an outside kid growing up and is an outside girl now. Patty brings more than 20 years of fitness and nutrition experience to her mission of empowering moms and daughters. When she’s not writing for her blog or creating healthy and tasty recipes, you’ll probably find her on a hiking or biking trail.

Visit her at: Chocolate Chip Fitness



Pastor Phil Posthuma is currently the lead pastor at Montgomery Community Church (MCC) in Cincinnati, OH.  He has two master degrees – one from Grace Theological Seminary and another in Business Management from Webster University.

Pastor Posthuma has a strong heart dedicated to Jesus Christ. In his early years he served the church as a Worship Arts Pastor, writing and performing original music, before God called him to serve in another capacity.

In 2012, after serving as the lead pastor in Lansing, Michigan for 7 years, he relocated to Cincinnati to begin a new chapter for himself and his new home church at MCC. Pastor Phil speaks and writes eloquently about the love Jesus has for His children and how we can fulfill our obedience to Him. In a unique style that combines a strong knowledge of history and of the Bible, Pastor Phil brings to life both the old and new testament in a way which enables listeners and readers to understand how to incorporate Biblical principles in modern society.




Dr. Brian McMaster is a board certified chiropractor and native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently lives in Cincinnati with his wife and children. Dr. McMaster has a passion for the correlation between walking, standing and pain. Through home study programs he’s developed, his patients enjoy more days with less pain and better self-confidence. Dr. McMaster teaches classes in full body stretching, proper gait for walkers and runners, abdominal and low back strengthening and weights and stretching. He develops customized programs for individuals with injuries or those trying to improve their athletic performance, combining chiropractic techniques with personal training.

Dr. McMaster brings a unique perspective to the struggles of single women and teaches techniques that improve posture, reduce pain and grow self-esteem and self-confidence in our everyday life.





Terri Weeks, a Cincinnati-area mother of three, is a former mechanical engineer who became a travel writer quite by accident. She and a friend started intentionally exploring attractions around Cincinnati with their children in 2003. After many requests, they compiled their favorites into their bestselling book, Adventures Around Cincinnati and released an expanded second edition in 2014. They are also authors of the e-book Adventures Around You which teaches readers how to plan their own adventures regardless of where they live. She and her co-author speak to groups throughout Greater Cincinnati and are frequently interviewed on television and radio.

Terri and her family recently accomplished their goal of visiting all 50 states. She blogs about her family’s travels at Travel50StatesWithKids.  Terri is a member of the Midwest Travel Writers Association and also writes for, USA TODAY’s,, and LongWeekends Magazine.