Become Inspired and Achieve Your Dreams Part II

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The Difference Between What You HAVE
And What You WANT is . . . .


OF COURSE . . . You must take action to accomplish your goals.

But not just any action.

It must be action, inspired by the knowledge of those who have gone before you on the same journey.

You don’t have to blaze a new path to health and wellness. The path is there for you to follow.

When you take the RIGHT action, you’ll get RIGHT results – or rather, the results you want to achieve.

When you take just any action you’ll get just any result.

There are specific steps you can take to feed your inspiration and breathe life into the action you take to achieve your goals.  These are the action steps you’ll need when you’ve discovered the things in your life that inspire you to be the best you can be.

  1. Change how and what you think. As we talked about earlier, what you think has a real impact on how you feel . . . on your inspiration.

Any changes you make in your life that are permanent and stay with you are made at the foundation of who you are. These are made at the root of your personality and those are your thoughts. When you change your thought patterns, then the fruit you produce, the results of your actions, will also change.

Imagine having two flower gardens side by side. One side you diligently water daily and the other you water and add fertilizer. Which side do you imagine will look better at the middle of the summer?

Our thoughts are the fertilizer that grows strong roots in our lives.  Without strong roots you’re not going to produce great fruit. The fruit in our lives are the results of the actions we take.

Changing your foundation, your thoughts, can be a challenge.  It is an important part of becoming inspired and feeling the joy and excitement of working toward a new goal.


  1. Live in the moment. We are alive right now. Take a deep breath and remember that you are ALIVE. Take heart in the fact that you have the promise of tomorrow and change your life. You are not destined to be the same tomorrow as you are today.  Instead, you can start a journey to achieve health and wellness.


  1. Relax. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to give the people around you Grace. In other words, don’t get stressed out over the little things in life. There will always be little things that irritate and aggravate. When you overlook those you reduce your stress level and improve both your health and your ability to creatively solve problems.


  1. Use your resources. There are many resources you can use to become inspired, including motivational music, movies, books and inspirational speakers. Each of these resources can increase your level of inspiration that will drive your actions on the journey you want to take.

Pick resources that speak to you, the ones that make you feel better or drive your desire to achieve your goals. Movies like Rudy or We Are Marshall, books about Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Company or Walt Disney, inspirational speakers like Wintley Phipps or Colette Carlson. Play music and dance. Getting your blood moving – like dancing or walking – will increase your creativity and generate the inspiration to BELIEVE you can achieve your goals.


  1. Find mentors and heroes who are living the life of potential you want. You may never meet these people but you can watch them, listen to what they say, and watch how they live their lives.

Your heroes may be authors, speakers, or people at work, at church, in your neighborhood – anyone who inspires you to live to the potential that they have found. Maybe your hero has lost 100 pounds, recovered from heart surgery or improved their physical fitness.

When you look around you – what you read, watch or listen to – who are the people you want to be like?

If there aren’t any people then it’s time to move yourself until you find people you do want to imitate.

You can be inspired by the people you watch. You become like the people and situations you surround yourself with.

Imagine if you were trying to quit smoking. It would be dangerous to go to places where you would normally reach for a cigarette. For instance, you would be challenged to hang out with your friends that smoke and would do better to hang out with people who don’t smoke.

You choose the resources from your environment.

Don’t overlook the influence that the people around you have in the results you achieve in your life. The thoughts you think will be affected by the people you hang out with.

Find the heroes, the people, the media in your life that you want to copy. Surround yourself with those people and those resources, because that will change your thinking. Your thinking will change your feelings which influence your actions and predict your results.


  1. Set inspired goals. When you are inspired, set inspired goals. There ARE goals that you may never achieve – if you are 50 years old then you’ll never be an astronaut or rocket scientist, unless you already are! But there are goals you CAN achieve. Maybe you want to get off your anxiety medications, improve your physical fitness, or improve your financial wellness.

You might believe that you CAN’T get these results but you actually CAN. And I know that YOU can because othersMay26InspiredAction just like you have achieved those goals.

As you travel on this journey to achieve your goals, dare to be inspired to dream and dream BIG.  Have a dream so big that you may not be able to imagine right now being able to get that dream. But you can imagine getting a smaller part of the dream.

You might not be able to imagine losing 30 pounds – but you can lose 1 pound in two weeks. You know that you can lose 1 pound. And after you lose 1 pound, you can lose another one.

Remember . . . your thoughts lead to feelings . . . which drive your actions . . . . and predict your results.


To achieve those goals you MUST take action . . . inspired action.


Your goals are achieved one small step at a time. You can be inspired to take the first step to change your life, for the rest of your life.

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