Become Inspired and Achieve Your Dreams Part I

Deciding that it’s time to make a change in your life can be overwhelming and sometimes just a little scary.

You’ve been standing at that crossroads before, knowing that the decisions you will make will have an impact on the rest of your life.

Imagine standing at a four way stop. Each road takes you on a different journey. Each journey has a different destination.

YOU are at that crossroads right now.

In fact, truth be told, you stand at that crossroad every day. There are times when it’s more evident than others, but every day you have the opportunity to make decisions that change your life.

Maybe today you’re making a decision to change the way you’ve always done things and do them just a little bit differently.

These little differences pay out huge results over time. Even the decision to consistently drink one more glass of water every day can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

Today you might be considering a journey that will lead to a healthy lifestyle for your physical body, emotional and financial health and spiritual growth.

The result of that journey will be greater joy and enjoyment of the one life we’ve been given to live.

To get there and achieve your goals and dreams you’ll need to be inspired. You have everything you need to get the results you want when you’re inspired.

Inspiration is the driving force behind your ability to meet challenges and overcome obstacles in your life. Inspiration is what you’ll need to attack new problems, approach new people and take new risks.

Even the smallest decisions you make have a big impact on your life.  For instance, the decision to floss your teeth.  Maybe you’ve been flossing every day and now decide to floss every other day.  This can start your habit down a slippery slope where eventually you aren’t flossing at all.

Without flossing the health of your gums deteriorate and over the years you could lose many of your teeth to gum disease. The health of your gums is also reflected in the health of your heart. Gum disease allows more bacteria into the blood, which affects the health of your heart. All this happens because you started flossing every other day, instead of every day.

And all this rests on being inspired. Inspired to achieve greater health, wealth, emotional stability or whatever it is that YOU want.

Inspiration is more than motivation. It’s basic to life.

May19BabyThe word “inspiration” means to “breathe in”. When a baby is first born they take in life giving oxygen in the act of breathing. That inspiration of oxygen is life giving.

When we are inspired we can tackle challenges and obstacles because we believe that it’s possible. We are inspired to give life to our dreams and the possibilities that live in our dreams. We are encouraged by our feelings of inspiration.


Because, inspiration is a feeling.

We feel inspired.

Inspiration can lead to great discoveries, creativity and provide strength to overcome trials on the way to your goals.

YOU can become inspired to make changes in your life that will impact your life today and for all of your tomorrows.

They will change your life, the lives of your family and your friends.

That’s because everything you DO in your little part of the world, has an effect on yourself and on others.

The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” made that reality famous. George Bailey was a small-town man whose life seemed so desperate he wanted to commit suicide. He had wanted to leave his hometown to see the world, but his circumstances and own good heart, prevented it from happening.  So, as he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel stops him and shows him what life would have been like for the whole town if he had never lived.

The small things he did everyday made a huge impact in the lives of others. Without George Bailey the entire town would have been different – and yet he didn’t see it that way. He couldn’t see the entire forest for the trees that were in front of him daily.

You have the same perspective on your life. In fact, each of us does. It is difficult to see the entire picture when you’re focused on the tasks right before you.

Thoughts . . . Feelings . . . . Actions . . . . Results

The results you achieve will be driven by your actions, which are influenced by your feelings and are activated by your thoughts.

In other words – what you think will change the way you feel. How you feel will influence the actions you take. The actions you choose will dictate your results.

Another way to say it is that your thoughts lead to feelings. You develop feelings based on the thoughts that you think. AND more specifically, the thoughts you think on purpose.

You can make yourself angry at someone by just thinking bad thoughts about them. It happens to each of us. ThinkMay19Yelling bad thoughts about someone and you’ll start to have bad feelings.

Dog trainers understand that the thoughts they are having during a training session with their animals will impact how successful that training session will be. Their thoughts about the abilities of the animal and how the trainer feels about the dog, will translate into feelings about the animal and dogs are very perceptive about feelings.

When you think on purpose you develop feelings on purpose. Those feelings will drive your actions.

When you think bad thoughts about someone and get angry with them, your feelings will motivate you to take certain actions.

And the actions you take will develop specific results.

If you yell at your friend because you’re angry, the result will often end in hurt feelings and a damaged friendship.

Your thoughts will create feelings that drive your actions which predict your results.

Each of us has the ability to achieve the results we dream about. Each of us can be successful in whatever terms we define success.

You can improve the health of your body, your finances, your mind, your relationships and your spirit.

In order to reach those goals you you must take action to accomplish your goals.

But, not just any action – you must take INSPIRED action.

In the next article you’ll discover six things you can do in order to find your inspiration and use it to achieve your goals.



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