Adding This Improves the Quality of Your Life

You can’t live a healthy life without vitamin supplements.

That’s a pretty bold statement. You should know that you will live your life just fine without supplements. But will you live a quality life, full of energy, vitality and health?

My ex-father-in-law and I had this conversation many years ago. He couldn’t understand why I would take supplements and exercise daily. Even when we traveled hours to see them, I would suit up and head out for a long run along the highway in the country.

While everyone else was sacked out on the couch for a “long winter’s nap” after lunch, I did the dishes, set the children up for their nap, notified their father that he was ‘in charge’ while they slept, and headed out the door.

These were some of the best runs I remember. An hour out of the house, away from the stress of the in-laws and out-laws. Just me, the road and the occasional car zipping past.

As he aged, my father-in-law started using the stationary bike they had in the basement. He used to tell me that I got more use out of it than they did (a rainy day substitute).

One night, over dinner, he made his usual attempt to instigate trouble. “Why should you take vitamins and exercise so much, Gail? You aren’t going to live longer. You’re just taking up time sweating. I’ve read research that says the exercise may only increase your life by a year. So what’s a year?”

I don’t know where I came up with this answer, but it stuck with him and somehow motivated him to start a regular exercise routine. I heard him telling one of his friends over the phone that, “I don’t know if I’ll live longer but the QUALITY of the life I’m living is sure better!”

And isn’t that the trick? Isn’t that what we all long for and hope to achieve?

A Quality Life

Modern medicine and the media continually shout about the need, necessity and obligation you have to your body to exercise for 30 minutes a day. Now, if you sit behind a desk for eight hours you are in danger of getting the “Sitting Disease.” No worries, though. It’s the same Sitting Disease we’ve been suffering from for decades – it’s just that now we know about it!

Basically, research has demonstrated that if you exercise for 30 minutes each day and then sit behind a desk for eight hours, you have completely erased all the benefits to your heart and arteries from your exercise routine. You must get up out of that chair and move around every 20 minutes to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and arterial disease.

But the media and modern medicine aren’t so keen to shout about vitamins, supplements and other so called ‘natural’ remedies.

Is It Really Modern Medicine?

I was classically trained in Western Medicine and dutifully practiced said medicine for over 20 years.

And then, something happened. I started reading more material available online. I read many studies dating back to the 1950s through the present that demonstrated low fat diets were the cause of the increased rates of heart disease and stroke. It wasn’t fat, it was sugar and carbohydrates that were the culprit.

But my primary care doctor continued to recommend a low fat diet.

I read about the dangers of fluoride in our drinking water, how it is a hazardous waste material and the effects to our body – including but not limited to: reduced IQ in our children, no reduction in tooth decay, increases in the risk for muscle disorders, thyroid disorders, neurological disorders and dementia and increases in the tumor and cancer rate.

But our dentist continues to ask if they can paint the stuff on my children’s teeth.

Our environment is growing more superbugs than antibiotics can keep up with. Unless another breakthrough in antibiotic development can be found, we are dangerously close to infection killing people as it did before the discovery of penicillin in 1928. Before 1928 90 percent of children with meningitis died, strep throat was often fatal and pneumonia and whooping cough commonly resulted in death.

The problem with resistance today is that antibiotic resistant superbugs develop through the overuse of antibiotics in hand soap, confined animal feeding operations where chickens, pigs and cows are given low dose antibiotics all their lives to reduce infections (and then we eat the meat with a build-up of antibiotics) and through the prescription of antibiotics to treat viral illnesses when physicians know that antibiotics are only effective against bacteria and not the virus causing your cold.

What’s the Answer to Good Health?



You have control. It may seem overwhelming, but you have control over your health and the health and FUTURE of your children.  Here are several steps you can take today that will make a huge difference in your lives tomorrow and in the years to come.


  1. Get rid of any antibacterial soaps in your home. There are 100 trillion bacteria living in your intestines and on your skin. There are bacteria that are helpful to your health and those that aren’t. You can easily get rid of the ones you don’t want through normal handwashing with soap, water and a mere 20 seconds of your time. Wet your hands, lather up and scrub for 20 seconds. Rinse, dry with a clean towel and you are on your way!
  1. Make a commitment to purchase as much meat as you can afford that is organically grown, without antibiotic use. Although a bit more expensive, it may cut your healthcare costs in the long run.
  1. If you don’t suffer from allergies, keep your windows open as much as possible throughout the year. Of course, this depends upon your weather conditions! The more your home is hermetically sealed, using only air conditioning and heat, the more bacterial and fungal growth you’ll experience in the home.
  1. Take a high quality multi-vitamin supplement every day. Congratulations if you are already doing this! Be careful about the brand you choose. Evaluate the bioavailability of the contents of the vitamins, which means the amount of vitamins your body will absorb and that don’t go down the toilet.
  1. Investigate other supplements you want to include daily to improve your health, depending upon your usual dietary routine and climate where you live.  Here is a brief list of vitamins you might consider.


These vitamins help support your immune system, increase your energy levels and help your body form red blood cells.

Vitamin C

Is essential for collagen production, support your immune system, is an antioxidant that helps your skin to heal faster, and helps your body absorb iron.

Vitamin D3

Take this with Vitamin K2 to avoid increased calcification of your arteries, leading to heart disease. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D3 which is important to your immune system, helps you absorb calcium, and plays an important role in your nervous and muscular system. Do NOT take vitamin D2 as it carries an increased risk of mortality and doesn’t benefit your health the way that vitamin D3 does.

Vitamin K2

This helps your body make proteins, is important to blood clotting and essential to your ability to absorb and use calcium to build strong bones.


This is a carotenoid originating from sea creatures. It improves blood flow, skin cells, cancer prevention and as an exercise supplement that increases endurance.


If you suffer from cold sores or herpes virus, lysine will help reduce your outbreaks. Herpes viruses use arginine to reproduce and grow. Foods high in arginine include chocolate, fish, chicken, beef, milk, cheese, coconut and peanuts. Take a lysine supplement to balance your arginine to lysine ratio and reduce the number of outbreaks.


Your body needs vitamin d3, calcium, magnesium and k2 to make strong bones. Magnesium is also used to stabilize your heart rhythm, improve nerve function and provide your cells with energy.


This supplement helps to reseed your intestines with good bacteria. Although yogurt commercials promise you’ll get beneficial bacteria, you’ll have to eat at least 4 individual containers each day. The yogurt is also packed with sugar that feeds the bad bacteria in your system. Get your probiotics from fermented vegetables you can make at home or from a quality supplement.


Probiotics reseed your colon and prebiotics feed the good bacteria. You can find prebiotics in insoluble fiber or by taking an insoluble fiber supplement such as organic psyllium husk.


I don’t know every vitamin you might consider, or what your health issues are, but I do know that supplementation is the only way we will get enough of what our body needs to develop healthy cells, support our immune system and prevent disease. The soil where your food is grown is depleted of vitamins, rich in insecticides and pesticides and sprayed with an additional fungicide to be on the safe side.

Your health is in your hands. Given the right tools your body will work hard to stay in optimal health. It’s your responsibility to give it those tools.



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