Gail Trahd, Mother, Author, Speaker
Sister, Entrepreneur, Friend

“Neither the positive nor the negative about yourself is true, until you make it true.” ~ Gail Trahd

On many days I am filling more than one role in my family, just as many other single mothers. I have four beautiful children. My oldest two are twins who are away at college. It’s difficult to have them gone, but I am so proud of the way they are growing up.

750The challenges of raising four children as a single mother prompted me to start Simply Single Moms. In the past years I’ve developed strategies that have allowed me to home school my children, work from home and lead a relatively balanced life. I say relatively because I have not yet succeeded!

Like most single mothers I’m juggling too many balls and sometimes one or two fall. I’ve gradually discovered ways of improving my financial stability, emotional health, relational growth and parenting skills. Using Simply Single Moms I hope to offer those same insights and tools to shorten your learning curve. We have gathered a team of experts in their field to share their abilities in a fun and entertaining magazine.

Our mission is to
inspire success, strength and balance in your life.

I love dark chocolate. The darker the better. Dark chocolate, dark chocolate brownies, ganache, mousse – just dark chocolate! However, over the years I’ve been learning to eat all things in moderation 🙂 Jesus is my Saviour and I’m blessed to have a personal relationship with God that grows every year.

When I was growing up (I have not yet arrived . . . ) I received two master’s degrees in nursing. The last was as a nurse practitioner. I worked with children who had suffered a head injury or spinal cord injury. I enjoyed my work but wanted to stay home with my children. And thus began my journey.

Continue on this road with me as we explore the Simply Single Moms path to a new tomorrow!